Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Destroxels Update

  • Players are removed when they exit

  • Serving a game no longer requires a restart in order to rehost

  • Better rocket template - more cubes destroyed on impact!

  • Life displayed

  • Lava ticks life down properly

Give the new version of Destroxels a spin!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm keenly aware that I have a lot of games listed on my site and most/all of them are unfinished and are lacking the polish of a completed game. I decided Make Daybreak was getting too difficult and that I needed to scale it back without throwing away my initial investment. To that effect, I've created Destroxels, a multiplayer game from the start. This is mostly a down-and-dirty deathmatch game like Baboviolent but it takes place in a voxel world that's highly mutable. So far I have a rocket launcher but I'd like to add in other weapons that deform or even add terrain. The game is almost completely playable, so I'm about to claim a victory on this one.

This is where you can play Destroxels.