[caption id="attachment_257" align="alignright" width="300" caption="No food for you this time hungry person!"]Hoarded gameplay[/caption]

Hoarded is a game I created during a 48 hour Ludum Dare competition. The theme - greed. In Hoarded society has collapsed much like Mad Max. You are a survivalist who has stockpiled plenty of food. Less prepared people have come to take some food lest they starve. Hoarded doesn't have a victory or loss condition - simply a greed counter. The point explored here is that it isn't greedy to win or lose. Therefore victory and defeat conditions shouldn't exist, or should be perpendicular to any greed measurement or behavior.

In this game I got a chance to explore Unity's physics systems. This game also had a heavy time constraint. In total I may have put about 6 hours into it from concept to deployment.

Control the crane using the arrow keys. Pressing space makes the crane latch onto whatever it's touching (people or food).

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