Space Escape

That star's death heralds the extinction of humanity, unless you pilot the ark to safety.

The sun is going nova. With a space ark harboring the entire Earth's population, you must outrun the dying star's expanding inferno. Use the Earth's gravity to slingshot to safety. Your ship is also equipped with an experimental gravity drive, which powers up when close to a gravitational pull.

Use WASD to steer the ship and space to fire its engines.

This game uses some custom models (the ship and compass ring). It also is my first shot at doing my own texture mapping (seen on the compass). There was a lot of time spent figuring out the right amount of steering momentum, speed of the ship, weight, etc. iTween is used to pull off the camera pan from the menu to the ship's starting location. Scaling in the game proved problematic.

This is probably my most artsy game yet.

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