Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make Daybreak!

Make Daybreak is a Minecraft-ish game I'm really stoked about right now that's got a strong focus on survival and building. I was using MinePackage initially but I found it really hard to work with. The batch processors and threading really seemed like overkill to me. Some of the features the maintainer were working on last will keep him from making any significant updates for a while, such cube destruction (which I guess worked at one point).

I like sharing the things I work on, and I feel like MinePackage could use a little friendly competition. I've created Cubed, where all of my non-game-specific game behavior winds up revolving around cubes and their manipulation.

You can check out the page for a more detailed description as well as a playable demo on the side bar, or just go directly to the Make Daybreak page.

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