Friday, August 6, 2010

Space Escape 2

While you're safe in the middle, there's a faint green ring around you
I have discarded Space Escape. The game and related posts will remain up as historical evidence that I have indeed worked on games before. I aim at a total reboot. The concepts I liked have been packed into a suitcase and we're now off to another location entirely. I present the beginnings of Space Escape 2. Perhaps I am fickle. The exhibits are laid bare for your judgement, but I believe the net result will be a more succulent fruit than the first iteration.

I initially really liked the idea of flying your ship through a virtual corridor, plotted by your ship's systems. This seems difficult to do when you can arbitrarily fly anywhere. That feature will be removed, and in its place you'll find you can move about in a radius freely, while I take you on a powerful trip.

As you start to leave the virtual lane, it brightens up and becomes yellow. Wouldn't it be great if we had this for cars?
I liked the idea of the boosting away. The act of acceleration seeming to tear at your very senses. This was difficult to accomplish, and positioning your ship just right to perform the maneuver was far too much delay and not enough gratification. My plans are to keep the boost, but make it more or less automatic, and guaranteed.

You'll also notice how close to the Earth the ship is. It should feel pretty big. It is pretty big. It houses billions of people with lots of room to spare. Compared to our sun it's actually pretty small, but I can still pull that off. I believe the baffling scale of the cosmos will be even more apparent now.

Ah! Too far!

Ok, so it's not enforced yet.

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