Sunday, November 7, 2010

Space Escape Going Public

The new menu features a new ship and darker music.

The Warhawk soundtrack got my imagination churning so I could make a game like Space Escape. It would be copyright infringement to include the music in a public release, but probably moreso if I were to throw the music into a Github repository, where files can be directly linked.

In comes Kevin Macleod with some pretty good boilerplate music that I can toss into the game and even distribute via Github. This is because he licenses everything under Creative Commons. Another artist who made the nova texture also adds to my delight here.

After some adjustments to the credits and such, I am now able to publicly release the Space Escape repository.

The new space ark

The starship model I was using won't work here, because I don't have distribution rights (even though it's free usage). That's ok, because it didn't survive the import from Unity 2.6->3.0. I have an idea for a better fitting starship anyways, so you'll see that included as well.

Although the planetary textures aren't covered under something like the Creative Commons license, a quick and polite email to James Hastings-Trew over at the Planet Pixel Emporium got me permission to toss it into the game.

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